बिचित्र संसार

भर्खरै आयो अचम्मित पार्ने खबर

Experts say attacks as well as cases of cruelty against canines are on the rise in the country. A chilling CCTV footage emerged this month, showing a group of men savagely pummelling a stray dog to death with bricks in a south Delhi alley and then stealing the carcass. Two of the accused were arrested and they claimed to have eaten the animal.

Similarly, a psychopath, Nakul Mishra, was found stabbing dogs to death at the Green Park Metro Station in Delhi, and an unemployed Dwarka resident chopped off the hind legs of a puppy with a hacksaw when it scratched him last year. In October 2016, Hyderabad police arrested a man for killing and raping a female dog.

Activists say the cops are trying to dilute the Narayana case and the accused is out consuming alcohol, roaming free.


The alleged incident took place on August 25, when Naresh, who is a driver with a private cabagency, under the influence of alcohol grabbed the puppy named Jenney by locals. He purportedly raped the dog and left it bleeding, later confessing

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